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 Photographs: 1542
Amanita Excelsa Visual Fungi is a site of fungi photographs
The photos have been catalogued in an MS Access database which is used to populate this site and the searches.For each specimen the date, location, time, terrain, substrate and other details are entered in the database with a reference to the photograph

The main area covered is East and West Sussex (mainly West) centered around Horsham. The original aim was to create a tool for myself to record the details of each foray and the photographs taken. I now have over 1000 pictures and this is growing every week.

It seemed a good idea to put the collection online and as I am an ASP web developer by trade this was easy to do.

The photos have been taken from 2003 to the present day by myself (Matthew Hutchings). Scientific support is provided by Andrew Coomber who is a Science teacher at Sackville school in East Grinstead. Andy provides microscopic photography such as spores and other features.

Lacrymaria Velutina The site is searchable in various ways, The genus dropdown box on the left only contains genuses with photographic content. The Common names dropdown only contains fungi which actually have common names.

There will be misidentifications on the site. I have tried to mark anything I am unsure about as "Identification Uncertain" and there is also a rogues gallery of fungi which I havent managed to identify.There will probably still be some mistakes though so please contact me if you spot any.

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