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October Fungi
Clavulinopsis Helvola
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Foray members: Matthew Hutchings

This wasn’t really a foray. A friend - Melissa brought a couple of these round for identification and as they turned out to be the rare Jack O' Lantern I had to go to photograph them. They are supposed to glow in the dark but havent as yet.

Omphalotus Olearius - Jack O'Lantern

Picture Type: Side view
Month: September
Time: Late afternoon
Diameter: 8-15cm
Height: 10-12cm
Terrain: Edge of road
Substrate: Wood
Tree type: Sweet Chestnut
There were hundreds of these enormous mushrooms growing on the base of a sweet chestnut tree. They are very poisonous although they smell remarkably good.

Picture Type: Side view

Picture Type: Side view showing gills

Picture Type: Gills

Picture Type: Top of cap

Picture Type: Base of stipe

Picture Type: Group

Picture Type: Cap close-up

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